Game Table Rebuild

The most underrated and overlooked part of gaming sometimes is the place you play and the surface you play on.   This table goes back through a very large portion of my life and the gaming history for my gaming friends and I.  This table was in need of an upgrade. At some point in its life, we (my brother and I) decided that it needed trays along the sides to help aid our gaming, but like most things we build, we over built it. This table was so large we referred to it as a backup tornado shelter.




But all things must be reborn into something new. I’ve been planning on rebuilding this table for over a year, and the pictures below will make you go “did you even do anything different?” and the answer is yes. Hopefully some of my thoughts here help you in your gaming table journey if you’re lucky enough, like me, to have a space to have a permanent table.


One of the main features of this table is storage.  The old table was just a hair too short (about 4 inches overall) and I wanted to make the new table tall enough to store large bins on the shelf and on the floor. Our table stands right around 36 Inches tall.


The old table was built with 2×4 lumber and plywood.  The new table was built with 1×2 and 1×4 lumber, making it much lighter than it’s predecessor.


And we couldn’t leave out our trays, but we made this table ~14 inches narrower by putting the drawers on sliders.


Throughout the whole build of this table, we were doing a couple of things not really pictured here.  One of those things way making an attempt to reuse any of the lumber we could cause frankly, it saved a bunch of money during this process.



Now, I didn’t do this by myself, I had the help from my brother Brian and friend Richy.  This table wouldn’t have happened without them for sure.  All of this effort so I could start upgrading the tabletop to Secretweapon Miniatures Tablescapes…more posts on that coming soon.