Mantic Kings of War Abyssal Dwarves Lesser Golems Review

So with all that Mantic Games has been up to, this was a welcome sight to Kings of War.  This review is going to cover one of the units that came in this army set, not the entire Abyssal Dwarf Army Set itself.  I bought this set to support Mantic in it’s endeavors, if that taints my review, just know that this was the reason.  The unit I was looking to get most was some Lesser Golems, this unit has looked great since the ruleset came out and I was hoping to put some together.

Army Set Box

Having no reference to them in the rulebook, I didn’t realize how large of monsters they were, as it turns out, they are quite massive.  This set includes enough models for a Troop (3) which is only half!  I can’t imagine fielding 6 of these on the table at once in a full regiment!

Bases and Packaging

This kit is a resin/plastic combo that Mantic uses on a good number of it’s kits.  The detail on the miniatures is great, but I can’t use the typical testors plastic cement with it unfortunately.  With the exception of the bases, everything came in a bag and sprueless, which is fantastic in terms of only needing to clean the flashing on the bits.

Parts all pre-clipped

I know it might sounds silly, but when you put together a lot of models, I enjoy having small kits like this pre-clipped so they are ready to be cleaned out right out of the box.  The mold lines were non-existent on some pieces and very apparent on others, but none were bad enough that I felt like I was losing any detail.  Now because of how the kit is created, you will basically end up with the 3 poses like I have below, however, with a little green stuff / time you could repose the arms.  The torsos are built such that you could turn/twist them to some extent but the options are fairly limited without extra work.

Ready for paint!

On the whole it seems like this is a good kit with some limitations in terms of pose-ability.  It’s not my favorite material to work with but the detail is there and they do look good.  I’ve been working on painting them up, I’m sure I’ll have pictures posted up sometime soon.  Now to get them into a game!