Last post of 2013…I think…

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been busy doing non-gaming stuff, like this, and a vacation, and the holidays, and probably all sorts of other things I’m forgetting.  That said, I’m wrapping up work on the Arcade Project and will be focusing back on miniatures, since my Deadzone kickstarter arrived.  It’s been sitting until recently, and I finally got around to digging into the box.  I’ve been reading the rulebook here and there, but I’m trying to finish one thing before I get too much into another, of which I have a bad habit of doing.  So, I finally spent some time building a few of the Enforcers, which I think will be the faction I use, solely based on how they look.  The rebels might be a close second.  Once I build/paint some of these and play some rounds, I’ll put up a review of the game.

Burst Laser