Road to Badab Update

I’ve been making some posts over on, but I haven’t really done much here as a result. I’ve been actively painting and building my army to prepare for this large battle. I’ve been busy building and painting the Space Marine side of the Tyrant’s Legion list. This part of my list is 2 units of tactical marines with 4 Missile Launchers each.

Both Squads built and ready
Primed and ready to paint!

The Tyrant’s Legion list is built up of Astral Claw’s, which, after tons of reading, is a chapter of space marines that seems rather neat, I’ve ordered and will be using the Forgeworld transfers on the shoulder pads and knee pads.  I’ve never really considered using Forgeworld bits/add-ons for an army, but I’m trying it out on this project.

Test paint job #1
Test Paint job #2

Since I’ve ended up with some space marines, I’ve been adding slowly to the pile.  In the end, I should have a pretty sizable army to use, and with the paint scheme I’ve chose, it should all easily get painted.  One thing is for sure, using Forgeworld add-ons adds up quickly, but they are specific and well done, it’s a strange toss up in the GW scheme of things and it leaves me with mixed feelings.  Once I get more progress on this army / project I’ll post it.  I’m also nearing completion on painting all of the IG infantry for this list, I can’t wait to finish this up.