Warhammer 40k – Road to Badab

I’ve posted about the large apocalypse games I’ve taken part in over the last few years, and they have all been great experiences….minus the loss of a Valkryie who got knocked off a table edge….

I was recently invited to a game based around the Badab War, to which I know next to nothing about.  I’ve been reading more about it, and 40k fluff in general, so that I can understand WTF is going on.  So far, I know that IG had a small roll helping one of the two sides in this fight! Great, right?

One of the neat things about this battle, that’s different from before is that there is a blog setup for each person participating in it to post their armies progress (of which I’m doing as well).  What really blows my mind are all the crazy specific armies being built just for this fight, or at least primarily with this fight in mind.  This just adds a whole knew level to the game to be played, did I mention this game is in late march next year?

For me, the goal is to try and have as much painted as I can, preferably my entire list that I bring, I’d say my whole army, but that’s just insane…  In any event, you should check this out, the guys involved are all excellent modellers and painters, it’s worth looking at their creations.  Also, below are some of the units I’m working on in various states of completion.  I’ve got the itch to continue working on it, so for now I’m going to plow through as much of my Imperial Guard as I can stand, then I’ll go back to one of the 500 other things I’m doing, cause why not, right?

Ready to be dipped
Freshly dipped and still shiny!
Finished squad