WIP: Kings of War – Siege

So, Kings of War v2 is coming out shortly, there should be a few copies on their way over soon. With all of the past posts about siege towers, manlets, battering rams, and so on, we’ve been itching to give it a go.  Now, currently, there isn’t any official siege rules, just some forum based ideas tossed around so far over on Warseer.  We decided it was time to get a game in and try out some of the stuff we’ve been working on.  The rules we used / made up seemed to follow alright with how Kings of War flows, it’s not perfect, and it will need lots of work, but the idea of a siege game that plays super quick is great. In our test game, the attackers steam rolled the defenders, weren’t able to break a single wall / gate / tower, and the attackers shooting up at the defenders was far superior than the shooting from the defenders towards the attackers.  Fortunately, we think these are easily fixed and are currently working on some bug fixes and ideas to make this siege work tons better.

The changes we have are all needing to be tested and we will I will likely put a document together for everyone to see what we’ve come up with.  But given that there is a whole new ruleset coming out next week, with some minor tweaks to the Nerve rules, I’m going to hold off for now, as the things we thought up will likely need to adjust to the new ruleset, especially if the discussions about how warmachines have dramatically changed.

Until then, here’s a couple of shots from our test game, It was a 3000 point attackers versus 1500 point defenders.  Humans and Abyssal Dwarves versus Elves, That may not sound right, but this was a test game, we’ll call it close enough.  The Siege tower was destroyed almost immediately by bolt throwers….don’t ask.  and using dwarfs to push a battering ram 24 inches is probably the worst idea ever.  All in all, it was a good first run through.

Deployment 2
View from the Attackers
View from the Defenders
Storm the Walls!