Siege Equipment Update

This is the progress from last week actually, I’ve been a bit slow on the posting of updates. I’m to the point know where I’m done building the majority of the siege equipment, it’s time to get some painting done on this stuff.

Front Shot, chains are neat...
Side profile

I’m happy with the way the battering ram turned out, minus a few small grips with how I used the chains.

6 Sets of Manlets
Front of one
Side View
Rear View

Some may thing archers are totally expendable, in this case, my archers will be mildly safer than before….until a cannon comes their way.  Most of these were a quick build, I’m either getting better at it or these were just easy to make.  Once I get some paint down on this I’ll have some more posts on it and hopefully a battle report at some point!  A fellow partner in terrain building has been working on a few items, a house as well as a custom siege tower of his own.  Hopefully I’ll get some shots of this and get a  post up sometime soon!