More Bretonnian’s Painted

It has been many months since I’ve posted here, I have been gaming and painting, not as much as I’d like to, but it’s still happening.  I’ve been working on collecting Bretonnian’s both old and new and I’ll be posting these projects as they come up.  I’m putting together a unit of 40 metal men-at-arms from GW’s 90’s models, along with a unit of 10 squires on foot with bows, and a unit of 20 metal archers.  The painted total for this army is more than I’ve ever completed for any army before and I don’t intend to stop.

Bretonnian Sorceress
Dipped Bretonnian Men-at-Arms
Dipped Bretonnian Men-at-Arms #2

This is my first attempt with dipping models for fantasy.  I had a great success with using that method on my Imperial Guard and am happy with the way they are continuing to turn out.  Once I get a few more things wrapped up with them I will post pictures of the first finished platoon.

With the advent of 8th edition and the ruleset clearly leaning towards larger rank and file units, I’m gearing my army towards two units of 40 men at arms, on metal (as mentioned) and the other with the current plastic sets.  Of course I finished two separate units in two different color schemes right before the ruleset was released….oh well.