What I’ve been up to…

So I’ve not posted much here lately and that’s mostly due to the fact that I haven’t really played any miniature games since the last post, it makes it kind of hard to post here if I’m not gaming.  What I have been doing however is painting a lot more miniatures than normal, so for starters, I’m going to show you some of the progress I’ve made on various Bretonnian units for my army.  This is all of the stuff that’s finished and there is handful of things I’m not posting because they are all works in progress.  But, enjoy my mediocre paint jobs! =)

Damsel on Foot
Battle Standard Bearer

Knight Hero on Foot 2
Kinght Hero on Foot 1
Knights of the Realm 1
Knights of the Realm 2
Men-at-Arms 1
Men-at-Arms 2
Men-at-Arms Mounted Damsel
Peasant Archers 1
Peasant Archers 2

I have been progressing slowly in terms of skill, I used the knight hero on foot, the most recent painted figure, as a means to try out highlighting, something I’ve never done really done or used in my miniature paint jobs.  I’m happy with the way it turned out and will likely use it on characters, generals, hero’s etc.  I can’t see the extra time being worth it on a block of figures, but if I get good enough at it, that might change.

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