Bretonnian’s and Mighty Empires?

This is the first of many posts that I will be doing this year.  As mentioned previously I will be doing more updates like this because it’s the main reason that Terrain isn’t being made as I switch between modeling/gaming and making terrain for said modeling and gaming.  Also, for the first time ever in my gaming history I WILL have an entire army painted!

So, without further ranting, Here are some of the things I’ve been working on and a bit of a preview of what’s to come.  My brother and I are planning on creating a campaign ruleset that encompasses a lot of things.  Like 3 different battle sizes, not army sizes, but actual battle mechanics, what I mean is that for the Large Army sized fights we’ll be playing a Warhammer Fantasy Battle, for out Medium sized fights we will be using  a skirmish ruleset a the larger end (either Song of Blades and Heroes, Warrior Heroes, or Warhammer warbands/skirmish), and finally for the small fights we will either be using Mordheim, Warrior heroes, or Song of Blades and Heroes.  This is something we will be working on over the next few months and we plan to release the rules here on DIY Terrain to everyone once we’ve gone through and play tested it and come back with results.  So, one of the components we needed/wanted to use was the Mighty Empires Hex Map from Games-Workshop.  We’ll be using about 1.5 total kits for our 6 player campaign, at about 10ish tiles per player.  I just started painting some of the tiles, I really like them so far, they are fairly detailed and easy enough to paint, plus all but a handful of them are double sided for the maximum amount of customization.  GW get’s a thumbs up so far on this product.

Farm Sides of the Tiles
Forest side on one tile and Marsh side on the other tile

They are easy enough to paint and when all put together should look great, not to mention all the little flag, castle, city bits that come along with it.  I’m really excited to put this together, previously my brother and I used to run map based campaigns…but we drew them by hand on poster board and used colored pieces of paper.  This was effective, but a good sneeze within 10 feet of it would basically mean disaster.  This seems like it will be a bit sturdier and more durable, not to mention reusable.

As mentioned, my goal is to have a fully painted Warhammer army, and for me, I went back a long ways to the first army I played and that is the Bretonnian’s.  A few years back I made a very regretful mistake of selling off all of my armies (Orc’s and Goblins, Warriors of Chaos, Empire, and Lizardmen).  Had I just held on to those, this process would have been much less painful!  But, I have made good headway on this army, I have a couple of core units finished (pictures coming in the future) and just last night I pretty much finished up my Battle Standard Bearer.

Full Side View
Close-up Side View

I also have made a large investment into  a Warhammer 40k Army, and for anyone who’s read this site, you’ve probably not read anything about that game from me…because I’ve never actually played that game for any length of time.  I had one of the best experiences being a part of a 53000 point Apocalypse battle not to long ago.  I’ll post the pictures of the army I started collecting and the game I took part in.  Hopefully there will be more posts and with posts comes more pictures, because who posts without pictures? =)