Sci-Fi Structures

One of the biggest things that we try to do with our terrain building is use things that are readily available. Something that you can break apart, file off, or smash to bits to use the remains. This is a perfect example of breaking something and using it’s bits to great effect, case in point, an old Polaroid camera, smashed to pieces. This camera was $1 at a local thrift store.

The pieces that were used in addition to the camera bits where purchased from a  company called I-Mex and specifically, the Platformer Set.  The sets are inexpensive and come loaded with tons of parts, in the following pieces of terrain that I’m about to show you, I may have used 5% of the total pieces inside of just one box.

Water still/Gas extractor/whatever

Each pieces was pretty much made by saying “I think this fits here, and trying to make it fit”.

The front of something

In most cases, to cover up something that didn’t look good, or wasn’t of use, I always fall back onto scraps of the pink construction foam (polystyrene).

A small hovel

The reason for the posts like this is to emphasize that I didn’t know what I was doing to start and I had no plan in mind while creating these pieces.  I build a lot of pieces with a game in mind, and in this case, it was Necromunda.  Necromunda relies heavily on a cover mechanic and the ability to sneak from place to place making it difficult to be shot at by your opponent.

Base Coated Hovel

All of the pieces of terrain I’m showing here were built with just that concept in mind and nothing else. I don’t have a lot of details as to how they were built other than things were glued together however it best fit.  Each piece grew out of a part of a polaroid camera case that as taken apart.  The reason I make posts like this is to hopefully inspire you to build something similar or to give you an idea to create something completely unique for your table.

Painted Waterstill/ Gas Extractor
Painted front of something
Small Hovel painted